Digital photos from various field trips. Click on a thumbnail below to view larger image.

Ozark springs and caves

Big Spring

Big Spring

Grand Gulf

Maramec Spring
Maramec Spring trout hatchery





Ha Ha Tonka Spring

Alley Spring

Ray Springhouse

Fullbright Spring

Rock Bridge
Round Springs
Fulbright Spring
Rock Bridge
Round Springs





Tyson Research Center, Spring 05

Bluegrass Spring
Mincke Quarry Cave
Mincke Cave
New Rankin Cave





Catacomb Cave, July 05

Slimy & Cave Salamanders
Ceiling Channel
Stress Testing
Catacomb Cave






Cliff Cave, July 05

Main Entrance
Side Passage
Gray Bats
Fern Entrance
Cliff Cave Entrance





Other Caves

Merrell Cave

Merrell Cave

Rankin Cave
Sheeps Cave
Rankin Cave - Bob Osburn Rankin Cave - Bob Osburn  





St. Louis area caves and springs

Muddy Roadcut Cave


Babler Spring Cave

Spit Cave

Falling Spring
Blakes Cave





Shady Valley Mill Cave
Rockwoods Spring
Weldon Spring (1996)
Weldon Spring (2001)





Karst impacts

Seep Cave
Old springhouse site
Retention Basin
Cave of the Falls
Lake Chesterfield 9/2005
Lake Chesterfield

Fisher Cave

Breccia Zone
Cave pearls in old footprint
Soda Niter in reworked loess
Lake Chesterfield Lake Chesterfield Lake Chesterfield Lake Chesterfield Lake Chesterfield  



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